Cory Dammler is the cryingest man alive. Many people PROVOKE his sadness, and many JUDGE him when he inevitably breaks down into tears. The 15th High School Reunion will be cram-packed with both kinds of people! Only you, his best best friend Jimmby Thomas, can push away the people who make him sadder and the people who judge him when he cries.

The more people who PROVOKE Cory (highlighted by red circles), the bigger Cory’s explosion of tears will be at the end of the countdown.

For each JUDGE (everybody else) within the blast radius of Cory’s explosion of tears, you will lose ten points.

Can you help Cory survive… The Countdown to Tears?


WASD or Arrows to move, Spacebar for everything else.

No sound! Your audio is fine.


  • Colin Black
  • Brian Bonnet
  • Max Dominguez
  • Will Hubbell
  • Rhea-June Rivera

Some sprites based on Freepik work

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